Is My Child To Make All MY Dreams Come True?

My Child isn’t my Easel to Paint,
Nor my Diamond to Polish!

My Child isn’t my Trophy to Flaunt,
Nor my Dummy to Taunt!

My Child isn’t my Badge or my Honor,
Nor my Respect that he/she must Protect!

My Child isn’t an Idea or a Fantasy,
Nor my Reflection or Legacy!

My Child isn’t my Puppet or my Project,
Nor my Pawn or my Cadet!

My Child is here to Fumble and Stumble
To get In and Out of Trouble!

My Child is here to Try,
To Fall and Cry!

My Child is here to Unravel the Mysteries,
To Educate Oneself and Rewrite Histories!

My Child is here to Make his/her own Choices,
To Exercise his/her Freewill and to Experience the Consequences!

As a Parent,
My Task is to make my Child Able and Capable,
To keep Aside my Ego and be by his/her Side!

My Task is to Guide and Educate,
To Let Be and Not Frustrate!

My Task is to Allow him/her to Ponder,
And see my Child Grow into Wonder!

– Unknown

Submitted by Santhosh Chinnappala



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5 responses to “Is My Child To Make All MY Dreams Come True?

  1. Vadeesh

    Nice Santhosh


  2. Pratibha

    Dear Santhosh,

    Your poem “MY Child isn’t my easel to paint” has really touched my soul and I am really moved by this very piece. I would like to ask can I use this very poetic piece for my organizational purpose on the occasion of Children’s Day


  3. Meena

    well written


  4. Santhosh

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. As a parent, it is extremely hard not to think of our children as our easel and many of us are guilty in making them (or at least trying to make them) what we wanted to do, i.e., fulfill our dreams. Even thought there is nothing wrong in guiding a child, some of us cross the line.

    Anyway, this was something that was posted on a WhatsApp group and I do not know the author. Before posting it here, I tried to search for the author on the web and did not find one.

    Please go ahead and spread the message – extremely important for every one to understand.


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