Happy Father’s Day

Dad doesn’t have all that Mom has got;
She is sweet and she is soft;
She is quick to hide you in the folds of her dress
When Dad knows what you were up to
And is coming at you!
So, you think you don’t need your Dad?

Dad indeed has some rough edges, it seems;
His itchy, scratchy day old beard,
His arms hairy and beefy, his hands rough, voice deep.
But you can’t wait for him to come home,
Lift you up in the air
And call you his princess or his tiger!

The older you get the more you need your dad.
He is your mentor. He is your guide!
He instills in you a boldness you can’t survive without.
Teaches you to play baseball and soccer.
Wants to make a model of yourself.
And his girl, soft on the outside, resilient inside.

He may not cry over your every nicks and cuts.
He may not even sing you a lullaby
But he claps the loudest when you are catching the ball,
Leads you to the adult life you are about to enter,
Teaches you to tough it out,
Molding you to live constructively and happily.

Blessed are the children who can greet their dads
Year after year on their special day
And, causing their eyes moisten with sweet emotion.

Written by Suvasini Subramaniam


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One response to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Santhosh

    Well said. Some of the modern day dads are all rounders’ as well!


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