The laws of attraction

Human beings constantly go through their lives living regular day schedules, going to work daily, living in a gray world where money comes before enjoyment and happiness.  The typical human spends half their life earning money to buy things they don’t need, in order to impress people they don’t like. There are only a certain few who live by their own sense of morals, their own sense of conduct and don’t follow those around them. The leader is always the one that’s looked up to because he’s different, he isn’t dependent on others and he seems to almost always be breezing through life without any difficulty. Nothing is a challenge in his eyes, he is able to conquer anything without difficulty. No, these aren’t characteristics of Superman and can easily be achieved by unlocking the hidden powers of the subconscious mind.

One is not aware of his subconscious mind during regular day activities, but it still affects his or her life in major ways. The subconscious mind is an inner power within your brain that controls your whole life. It constantly attracts energies, pulsating in all directions and picking up vibrations and sending energy back out.  Nikola Tesla once said “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy frequency and vibration.” Anything you can possibly imagine exists, and can be manifested into reality. According to the Hubble Telescope, there are over 100 billion galaxies in our observable universe (not taking into account that the universe is still growing)  Our galaxy alone contains 400 billion stars!! Any possible combination and computation of a different life that could exist for you does!  This entire universe was created alone for you, and for no one else. By tapping into our subconscious mind one can attract energies of success, money, peace, love, prosperity etc.  Yet we limit ourselves to such little, and rather than using our own creativity and ideas ,we are dependent on Channel 7s broadcast on what’s “healthy” instead of deciding it for ourselves.

Next question, how to do it. What is stopping you from reaching your ultimate, godlike potential? Start off with your negative thoughts, and why you think them.  Is it the complacency that has grown in you over the years about going back to school and doing your masters degree? Or is it the constant abuse your dad had put on you as a child, which lead you to accept everyone as negative and heartless? Maybe it’s the thought that praying to idols and going to church every Saturday and praying is what God wants you to do every second of your life. If you are to achieve your potential in life, remove all the standards others have set for you, and what others have told you to believe Every human being was born into this world with their own life and their own path. It is impossible to follow someone else’s path and achieve joy and success. If you want something, simply get it. Stop worrying, whatever you want will come to you, simply state what you want in your life and constantly live for that one goal.  Every second that passes, and every breath taken is just another step closer to achieving your goal. Contrary to belief, one should always be true to themselves and should trust this Law regardless of the situation they are in. The toughest of situations, take place in life just to test how strong your will is to continue on and stay with your belief.  

The Law of Attraction is all about the subconscious mind attracting energies based on your thought process. Those who are successful have mastered this law and put it to every day use. Rather than limiting yourself in life based on other people’s worries; build your own moral sense and learn to control the steering wheel on your own life, even when the ride gets bumpy.

Written by Varun Rao


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