Language, Art and Culture

Language, and Art are two of the major proponents of Kannada Koota NY. Our president, the executive committee,  and the people of KKNY understand that in order  to promote the Kannada Culture , we first must educate the youngsters. By educating the youngsters we ensure that the future of KKNY remains, and generations to come will benefit from the Kannada knowledge.

Through several annual events, and meetings where parents constantly are speaking in Kannada, youngsters have the opportunity to pick up Kannada. Language allows an individual to communicate and collaborate with other Kannadigas. Language also allows an individual to enjoy entertainment that generations before have loved.  KKNY has helped out youngsters through Kannada lessons, where individual students were taught how to speak our native language.

Art (specifically music) has been a very big success in the KKNY Community. When it comes to arts such as Bharatanatyam, Tabla,  Mridangam, and Carnatic Classical Singing, several of our youngsters have been learning for several years. This allows them to feel confident about their talents, and comfortable with their heritage. After being classically trained for several years they can even take up teaching their artistic talents, in order to give back to the community

Language and art are the two major proponents of Kannada Koota NY.  In order to instill the proper culture into NY we must touch the youth in our community. Language allows individuals to communicate and collaborate with one another, and is of upmost importance to spread the Kannada culture. Art (specifically music) has been one of the biggest confidence boosters youngsters have had In order for Kannada Koota New York to progress, we must not only continue to promote Language and art in our community but find the best ways to do so.

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